This page records the non-technical part of me.


我的中文名是「倪天炜」(pronunciation is like Nee Tee-An-Way). My English name is Victor, which can be viewed as my unofficial middle name. My mother language is Mandarin with light southern accent, and I can speak American English with Chinese accent. When I travel, I try to learn the basics of local language, e.g. Spanish in Mexico.

Space (Geography)

I hold a belief in cosmopolitanism, without a strong sense of belongingness. But I always remember I was born and grew up in Shanghai (18 years), and then went to Beijing for undergraduate study (4 years), and then Pittsburgh for master study (2 years). I also spent time (> 1 month) in Palo Alto and Baltimore.

If I have a break over a threshold of duration, I would like to travel around the world within constraint on visa and epidemic. Some visited places that I would miss: Seattle, Guanajuato. I have a strong affection for geography and maps, always choosing terrain rendering in Google Maps. I love mountains, creeks, waves, and moons. Some widest dreams: travel through nights, build robots for Mars.

Time (History)

I prefer milliseconds over hours, nights over days, winters over summers. But I don’t like to wear watches, instead, just feeling the elapse of time. I love human history that spread over the globe. All knowledge is, in final analysis, history.

Other Interests

I love horrific but inspiring movies, and harmonious hodgepodges.