Teaching Experience


  • Graduate Teaching Assistant in 10-703 Deep RL and Control (Fall 2020)

Selected Graduate Courses


  • 10-715 Advanced Introduction to Machine Learning, Fall 2019, A
  • 10-703 Deep RL and Control, Fall 2019, A+
  • 10-708 Probablistic Graphical Models, Spring 2020, A
  • 10-716 Advanced Machine Learning, Spring 2020, A
  • 10-725 Convex Optimization, Fall 2020, A+
  • ML/RL/Optim:
    • CS 285 Deep RL by Prof. Levine at UCB
    • CS 330 Deep Multi-Task and Meta Learning by Prof. Finn at Stanford
    • CS 6789 Foundations of RL by Prof. Sun at Cornell
  • Dyn/Control:
    • AA 203 Optimal and Learning-based Control by Prof. Pavone at Stanford
    • EE 363 Linear Dynamical Systems by Prof. Boyd at Stanford, EE 221A Linear System Theory by Prof. Tomlin at UCB
    • ME Nonlinear Systems by Prof. Slotine at MIT, EE222/ME237 Nonlinear Systems by Prof. Tomlin at UCB, MAE Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos by Prof. Strogatz at Cornell
  • Robotics:
    • CS 287 Advanced Robotics by Prof. Abbeel UCB
    • 6.832 Underactuated Robotics by Prof. Tedrake at MIT
    • 6.881 Robotic Manipulation by Prof. Tedrake at MIT